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Improved Mammography Services

Within the Imaging Department at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, further improvements were made to enhance the total patient experience for mammography patients.
Using concepts of Lean Thinking, the process flow for our mammography patient was improved from the point of scheduling of the exam to the availability of results.

Applying Lean Thinking to this process helped to eliminate several unnecessary delays and enhance timeliness of results to the physician.

Improvements to Eliminate Delays:

  • Scheduling improved to accommodate more appointment options
  • 100% of mammography patients are pre-registered prior to day of exam
  • Patients not required to check-in upon arrival in Registration
  • Patients go directly to Mammography Department for exam
  • Results are automatically faxed to the ordering physician once completed by the Radiologist

All of these improvements have helped to significantly reduce the turn-around time (TAT) from exam to results by 93%. This is a real patient pleases as heard through the voice of our customers.

Turn-Around Time Results = 15 days to < 24 hours

A Real Patient “Delighter"

New Mammography Process

  • “Great new process for handling patients for mammograms.”
  • “Went straight to radiology-wonderful!”
  • “Did not have to wait at all, they called and pre-registered me. It was wonderful. The service was great. The fastest visit I ever had.”
  • “The new procedure for mammograms is excellent. I was in and out in record time! (With great service)”

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