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Turning Change into Transformation

Sustained Change

August 2006 - The Journey Begins

With goals to reduce overtime and stress while increasing throughput in the Operating Room, the TRMC team looked to GE to help a transformation of the Department.

September 2006 - Building the Teams

Thibodaux Regional and GE worked together to assemble cross-funtional teams that would address three areas: PAT, Block Committees and OR Processes. Engaging physicians as staff to participate in developing solutions was critical to buy-in and ownership of changes.

October 2006 - Tackling Pre-Admission Changes

The teams mapped out their current processes to help identify roadblocks to efficient operations. With the pre-admission testing area identified as a bottleneck, the team focused on making staff and process changes to benefit both the patient and the OR.

November 2006 - On-time Starts and Room Turnover

Agreeing on a common definition for start time was a crucial step in getting everyne on the same page for first-case starts. Enforcing the policies for late starts was made easier because of the metrics and dashboards that were tracked on a daily basis.

January 2007 - New Block Schedule

The team worked diligently to educate surgeons about the benefits of block scheduling, address individual surgeons' needs, and build a structure to accommodate key stakeholders.

February 2007 - GE Team Departs

As the GE consultants prepared to finish their time on-site. Thibodaux Regional took ownership of making the changes last. By leveraging the managment principles learned and abiding by the dashboards, the teams frlt ready to continue the changs that needed to be made.

June 2007 - ED project and New Surgery Center

The opening of a joint venture surgery center changed the case mix at Thibodaux Regional  and brought challenges of maintaining turnaround times. The hospital also used new skill sets outside of the OR and tackled processes in the Emergency Department.

Final Thoughts - A Look Back

Thibodaux Regional reflects on its experience and offers advice for other institutions considering their own operating room improvement initiatives.

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