Hurricane Ida Information & Updates

Thibodaux Regional Pediatric Clinic Update

Revised 9/21/21 3:47 PM

Effective today, Thibodaux Regional Pediatric Clinic has moved back to their clinic location at 807 Ridgefield Road, Thibodaux.

COVID Drive-Thru Testing Resumes

Revised 9/14/21 1:29 PM

Beginning Thursday, September 16, we are resuming drive-thru COVID testing from 4–7 PM at our Heart & Surgery Center entrance (located on the left side of our Medical Mall). Testing will be performed each week Sunday–Friday from 4-7 pm until further notice.

Thibodaux Regional Physician Clinic Openings

Revised 9/7/21 9:45 AM

Thibodaux Regional Health System is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of our region. Most of the Thibodaux Regional Physician Clinics are open. Below is a list of the clinics, their locations and phone numbers.

Brain & Spine Clinic (Neurosurgery) - Wellness Center, 726 N. Acadia Road, Suite 2100, Thibodaux, 985-447-2645

Endocrinology Clinic, Wellness Center, 726 N. Acadia Road, Suite 3300, Thibodaux, 985-493-3080

Family Medicine Clinic – Paincourtville, 114 Hwy 403, Paincourtville, 985-369-6070

Family Medicine Clinic – Pierre Part, 3928 Highway 70 S, Pierre Part, 985-252-1111

Heart & Vascular Surgery Clinic - Medical Office Building, 604 N Acadia Road, Suite 409, Thibodaux, 985-449-4670

Internal Medicine Clinic - 506 N Acadia Road, Suite 101, Thibodaux, 985-493-4004

Neurology Clinic - Wellness Center, 726 North Acadia Road, Suite 2300, Thibodaux, 985-493-3090

Oncology Clinic - Interim Cancer Center, 290 Bowie Road, Thibodaux, 985-493-4700

Orthopaedic Clinic - Thibodaux Regional Medical Mall, 602 N Acadia Road, Suite 101, Thibodaux, 985-446-6285

Pain Clinic - Wellness Center, 726 N Acadia Road, Suite 2400, Thibodaux, 985-493-4080

Pediatric Clinic - RELOCATED: Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center, 1st floor, 726 N Acadia Road, Thibodaux, 985-447-9045

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Medical Office Building, 604 N Acadia Road, Suite 410, Thibodaux, 985-493-4490

Podiatry Clinic - Wellness Center, 726 N Acadia Road, Suite 1700, Thibodaux, 985-493-4990

Pulmonology & Critical Care Specialty Clinic - 604 N Acadia Road, Sute 411, Thibodaux, 985-493-4933

Rheumatology Clinic - Wellness Center, 726 N Acadia Road, Suite 3400 Thibodaux, 985-449-4656

Urology Clinic - 504 N Acadia Road, Thibodaux, 985-447-5667

Women’s Clinic - 604 N Acadia Road, Suite 500, Thibodaux, 985-448-1216

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic, Temporarily Closed, 985-493-4980

Thibodaux Regional Multi-Specialty Clinic - Raceland, Temporarily Closed, 985-251-4250

COVID Drive-Thru Testing Postponed

Posted 9/2/21 8:00 AM

Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, drive-thru COVID testing has been postponed until further notice.

COVID Vaccinations Rescheduled

Posted 9/2/21 8:00 AM

COVID vaccination appointments that are scheduled for Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3 are postponed to the same time next week, Thursday, September 9 and Friday, September 10. Individuals who need to reschedule should call 985.493.4464.

IDA Preparation Interview With Weather Nation

Posted 8/29/21 2:50 PM

Thibodaux Regional CEO Greg Stock is interviewed about preparation and planning ahead of Ida. Click to View

COVID Testing Postponed

Posted 8/28/21 7:15 PM

Our Drive-Thru COVID Testing location will be closed Sunday, August 29 and Monday, August 30. We will continue to provide updates as needed.

Not a Public Storm Shelter

Posted 8/28/21 6:30 PM

Thibodaux Regional is not a designated public shelter. We strongly encourage you to tune in to the local media for the most current information regarding shelter openings.

Some Services Postponed

Posted 8/28/21 6:15 PM

As Thibodaux Regional continues to monitor the storm, we have made the decision to postpone services scheduled for Monday, August 30. These include outpatient testing, surgical procedures and Thibodaux Regional physician clinic visits. We will continue to provide updates as needed.