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Guide to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center Billing Process

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center is committed to fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality care to the people of Thibodaux and surrounding areas. To ensure the success of this commitment, we must be financially responsible. Our approach is one that is positive and proactive to patient billing and collections with the goal of receiving payment for services rendered in the most efficient, timely and customer-friendly manner possible.

The staff at Thibodaux Regional understands that billing and collections for healthcare services can be confusing. Please let us assist you in understanding these billing services and to answer any questions you may have in advance.

Customer service telephone numbers:

  • Insurance Account Information
    • (985) 493-4779
  • Financial Hardship Applications
    • (985) 493-4771
  • Financial Estimates
    • (985) 493-4771
  • Payment Plans for Patient Balances Due
    • (985) 493-4790
    • (800) 305-4912

Your Financial Responsibilities

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center accepts responsibility for providing the highest quality most cost effective healthcare services possible. Therefore, we ask that you accept responsibility for paying for those services in a timely manner. You will be required to sign a “Consent for Treatment and Responsibility for Payment” form regardless of any insurance coverage.

Prior to Service for Elective & Non-emergent Services

Some health plans require a patient to pre-certify certain services, or to notify them within a certain period of time after becoming hospitalized. If your service is not an emergency, we encourage you to review and understand your insurance coverage and benefit documents prior to your visit. Please discuss any insurance eligibility or payment concerns with our Financial Counselors as soon as possible.

Patients with a Health Plan

Thibodaux Regional attempts to collect all known patient payment responsibilities prior to the delivery of services which includes deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance amounts. If we are unable to verify from your insurance company the patient payment responsibility, there will be an estimated pre-deposit requirement for surgeries and procedures.

Patients with Medicare

At the time of registration, the clerk will review your physician orders and diagnosis information. If Medicare does not cover the services ordered, you may be asked to sign a Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) to signify that you have been informed of your payment responsibility.

Patients with no Insurance Coverage

If you have no insurance coverage, you will be required to pay 50% of the estimated amount of your procedure or treatment. We use an estimated amount because treatment plans may change during your stay and it is difficult to know your total charges prior to the time of your service from the hospital.

Processing Your Bill

Shortly after your service date, you will receive a summary statement from the hospital for the services that were rendered. If you have current insurance coverage, the hospital will bill your insurance carrier at that time. As a convenience to you, we will not send you any further communication until your insurance company has either paid the bill and there is a balance due or your insurance company has not paid the claim in a timely manner. If we have not received payment in a timely manner, the hospital may ask for your assistance in getting the bill paid. If you have a patient balance, you will receive a statement at that time indicating the total amount due. If you are unable to pay the balance in full, a payment agreement will be required. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 985-493-4790 or 1-800-305-4912 to arrange a payment plan.

Physician Billing

Professional fees charged by physicians for services provided to you will be billed by the physician separately and apart from the fees charged by the hospital. Please understand that physicians or other healthcare professionals may be called upon to provide care or services to you or on your behalf, but you may not actually see, or be examined by, all physicians or healthcare professionals participating in your care; for example, you may not see physicians providing radiology, pathology and EKG interpretation. In many instances, there will be a separate charge for professional services rendered by physicians to you or on your behalf, and you will receive a bill for these professional services that is separate from the bill for hospital services. These independent healthcare professionals may not participate in your health plan and you may be responsible for payment of all or part of the fees for the services provided by these physicians who have provided out-of-network services, in addition to applicable amounts due for copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and non-covered services. We encourage you to contact your health plan to determine whether the independent healthcare professionals are participating with your health plan. In order to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about in-network and out-of-network independent healthcare professionals, please contact the customer service number of your health plan or visit its website. Your health plan is the primary source of information on its provider network and benefits. To help you determine whether the independent healthcare professionals who provide services at this facility are participating with your health plan, this healthcare facility can provide you with a complete list of the names and contact information for each individual or group. If you receive a bill from a physician and have questions, please call the telephone number listed on the statement.

Physicians that may bill you separately include:

  • Personal Physician
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Cardiologist
  • Emergency Room Physician
  • Hospitalist
  • Pathologist
  • Radiologist

Financial Assistance Programs & Financial Hardship

Patients with balances due resulting from limited or no insurance coverage may qualify for our financial hardship or financial assistance programs. These programs are designed to assist patients who are financially indigent. A financially indigent patient is a person who is uninsured or underinsured and is accepted for care with no obligation or a discounted obligation to pay for services based on income and family size. Thibodaux Regional uses the poverty income guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to determine a person’s eligibility for care as a financially indigent patient. The Hospital may consider other financial assets and liabilities of the patient and family when determining the ability to pay.

The patient is responsible for providing information requested during the qualification process and will continue to receive bills until eligibility has been determined. Please contact our Financial Counselor at 985-493-4771 for additional information. Click here for a Financial Hardship Application.

Thank you for choosing Thibodaux Regional Medical Center for your healthcare needs.

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