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Six Sigma, Lean Methodology & Do-It-Groups

Thibodaux Regional has demonstrated commitment to the triple aim by allocating two full-time LeanSigma Black Belts to organize, lead, serve as resource for teams, and continuously monitor results of all process improvement projects. Successful implementation and continuous deployment of Six Sigma, Lean, DIG projects, and Care Transformation projects have been instrumental in transforming our culture. Through these process improvement initiatives, Thibodaux Regional has been able to produce outstanding results in improving the quality of care, reducing the cost of care and maintaining an excellent patient experience for patients across the continuum of services we offer.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology employing statistical analysis of data in order to identify and reduce significant variation in a process. This leads to a reduction in overall defects before the finished product ever reaches our customers. This methodology is used to address high priority issues related to delivering quality patient care.

Lean Methodology

Lean is a process improvement strategy to solve problems or improve current performance in a concise, efficient manner following a systematic, structured approach. It identifies and eliminates non-value added activities in the patient care process, enabling quality care to flow more effectively. The typical lean event occurs over a span of 5 days. After two to three days of observation, data gathering and brainstorming, the team implements solutions by day four and measures the success on day five.

Do-It-Groups (DIGs)

DIGs were originally designed to resolve staff issues quickly and effectively, but our new DIGs are now guided by trained facilitators from our staff to enhance the process and gain more significant results. The framework is designed for quickly resolving problems and taking advantage of opportunities within a 30 day period. This methodology has proven itself to be a great compliment to Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies by identifying other issues needing alternate improvement efforts.

Care Transformation

Care Transformation is a physician led process improvement initiative dedicated to using data to improve the triple aim goals of improving quality, decreasing cost and maintaining an excellent patient experience. Using the three systems approach to performance improvement, each physician led team utilizes adaptive leadership to adopt best practices resulting in improvements in the goals of the triple aim.

Physician engagement has been the catalyst for the success of Care Transformation. Currently, 45 physicians are actively involved in Care Transformation Teams.