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Imaging Efficiency Initiative

Achieving High Quality Diagnostics

Waiting on results of an Imaging procedure (MRI, CT, Ultra Sound, Mammogram, etc.) can be an unnerving experience to a patient and their family members. It is a priority at Thibodaux Regional Health System to provide high quality images, in a timely manner, to meet the needs of our patients and physicians. This is accomplished by acquiring the latest advances in Imaging technology, as well as leading a dedicated effort to greatly reduce turn-around time from order to results. These achievements enable our patients to receive the most appropriate care, in a timely manner, leading to the best clinical outcomes.

A multi-disciplinary team approach was used to enhance patient flow for the Imaging Department. The process was evaluated from the doctor’s request for a procedure through the delivery of patient results to the physician’s office. Every opportunity to eliminate delays and remove unnecessary steps was taken to expedite this process and increase efficiency for our patients and staff. Several of the improvements implemented are as follows:

  • Efforts in the pre-registration process were refocused with a goal to collect information from all patients before arrival
  • Visual cues were developed, allowing receptionists to determine when a registration clerk becomes available
  • The schedule was tightened to create more appointment times
  • Schedules were adapted to utilize several techs willing to accommodate patients during lunch hours
  • Technology was introduced that automatically faxes the radiologist’s reports to the ordering physician’s office, greatly reducing turnaround times
  • Voice recognition was introduced to significantly decrease the amount of time radiologists spent on medical record transcription

These results demonstrate our dedication to providing Patient Centered Excellence in Imaging Services.