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Greg Stock, our Chief Executive Officer, is proud to keep you updated on the latest developments at Thibodaux Regional Health System. This page is regularly updated with new information from Mr. Stock himself. To check out previous “Stock Reports” be sure to visit the archives.

The Stock Report

We are excited about the new Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional. The 230,000-square foot, state-of-the-art facility will be unlike any other in the state or region, and it will rival any in the country.

Clinically integrated wellness services will be provided by expert staff in a facility designed and built to enhance wellness and be environmentally friendly. Thibodaux Regional team members are the best at understanding how to create a great patient experience, and our physician specialists and primary care doctors are truly committed to excellent patient care. The building itself will also engage visitors in recognizing the benefits of health and wellness. The surroundings incorporate superior design and function, maximizing the staff’s ability to help people feel better, work better and live better.

The new Wellness Center will make a strong statement about the importance of health and wellness. It will serve as a springboard for developing and delivering wellness education and services to residents and businesses. Thibodaux Regional has been a recognized innovator in providing excellent inpatient and outpatient services—now, we are applying our innovative methods to improve the health of all in the region. Innovation and leadership are essential elements of helping people achieve their desired health status in a much smarter, more advanced, more effective manner than ever before.

Other hospitals are reacting by beginning to create their own health initiatives beyond failed past approaches. It is good for everyone to invest in health and wellness regardless of the motivating factor. Also, community members are leading the way with simple and effective methods of creating excitement and enthusiasm around exercise. We recognize and support the spontaneous efforts of those individuals and groups. For example, Erika Esteve started the Thibodaux Running Club with nothing more than a cell phone and an idea. She invited others to join her in a “run.” The first “run” consisted of only her, her mother and her father. Today, 400 people have joined the Thibodaux Running Club and regularly meet to run, walk or jog together. They support and encourage each other—a key element of sustaining an improvement effort.

Why do we do these things? Because we want to feel better, work better, live better and enjoy our families better. A healthy community is a better community in every respect. What about our children? What does the future hold for our children if we don’t act now? We know that the obesity rate for our area is about 36 percent and getting worse.

At Thibodaux Regional, we are acting now to help lead one of the most important personal and public health initiatives possible. We want to make a significant positive difference, and we invite you to join us.

Greg Stock
Chief Executive Officer