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Sometimes certain diseases and conditions benefit from seeing a specialist – a physician who has advanced education and training in a specific area of medicine and are experts in their respective fields of medicine.

Thibodaux Regional Physician Specialty Clinics

Multi-Specialty Clinics

When Should You See a Specialist

  • After a life-changing diagnosis such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer or a stroke
  • For procedures or care requiring advanced, specific training and experience such as surgery
  • To manage complex chronic conditions requiring frequent adjustments to treatment or a doctor’s very close attention
  • When a current treatment plan is not yielding the expected results
  • If a primary care physician is not familiar with a certain condition and /or recommends a specialist

Referral or No Referral

Sometimes health insurance companies require a referral from a primary care doctor to see a specialist, sometimes no referral is needed. Be sure to check with your health insurance provider to understand the specifics of your plan.

Virtual/Telehealth Appointments

Many of our physician specialists offer virtual/telehealth appointments.