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WellFit Orthopaedic Care

Patient Centered Wellness - Customized Plan to Improve Overall Health and Well-Being

Do you have hip or knee pain? Do you want to feel better, have better stamina and flexibility, and potentially delay the necessity of a joint replacement?

WellFit integrates medical care with wellness to give you the highest quality, most active lifestyle possible. Starting with your physician's referral, you will receive a customized plan for improving your overall health and well-being.

Studies have shown that following proper nutrition and exercise has many benefits and can decrease pain, increase mobility, flexibility and range of motion, increase functional capacity, result in weight loss reducing stress on the joints, improve your emotional health and potentially delay surgery.

WellFit can also help improve the outcome of surgery by helping you to become physically stronger, thereby decreasing recovery time and reducing the chance of complications, helping you get back to an active, healthier lifestyle more quickly.

WellFit strives to optimize your strengths while lowering your medical risks. WellFit cost is $99 for 8 weeks.

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