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Game Officials Education Program

Seminars from Thibodaux Regional Sports Medicine Center

When it comes to sports, some rules are put in place to keep the game competitive and others are there to help keep players safe. It is up to game officials (referees, umpires, etc.) to enforce these rules and ensure that players are respecting each other’s' well-being as they compete. At Thibodaux Regional Sports Medicine Center, we provide education programs for these officials to help them uphold these responsibilities on the field and help prevent avoidable injuries.

A major part of our education effort focuses on the individuals in stripes—referees. Since they are on the field, or court, or diamond with the athletes at all times, we feel it is necessary for the game officials to be aware of certain symptoms of severe injuries. We work with area officials to provide education on injuries such as concussion, heat illness, acute cardiomyopathy, and other life-threatening situations.

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