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Thibodaux Regional Sports Medicine Center

We Help to Repair Your Dreams

Whether you are a recreational athlete or the most valuable player on a professional team, we are available to assist you with any type of athletic injury. Even if you suffer a job-related physical setback, our sports medicine fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons can put you back on the road to recovery.

About Our Sports Medicine Center

Thibodaux Regional was the first hospital in the bayou region to recognize the importance of safety in athletics. Our comprehensive Sports Medicine program is equipped with state of the art devices designed to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate athletic injuries. Along with sports medicine trained physicians, we also have a dedicated staff of rehabilitation specialists to complement our certified athletic trainers.

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If you or a loved one experience an athletic injury, our team of experts will get you back in the starting lineup. Call Thibodaux Regional Sports Medicine Center at 985-493-4502.

Standing left to right, Raegan Willis, Shane Chiasson, Tayler Estrada, Cesar Zavala-Rodriguez, Annalise Allemand, Ryan Trahan, Alexis Phillips, Logan Cook, Brooke Doalson,Tyler Trahan