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Community Health Needs Assessment

Thibodaux Regional’s mission is to provide the highest quality, most cost effective healthcare services possible to the people of Thibodaux and surrounding areas. We have stayed true to this mission over the years by expanding services offered and providing the latest state-of-the-art technology to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve. We have remained dedicated and are focused on improving the health and wellness of our region by providing high quality healthcare services close to home.

Thibodaux Regional takes a proactive approach to identify and reduce healthcare disparities based on demographic and social determinates of health factors and spoken and written language preferred for healthcare by patients and their legal guardians and the impact of those efforts.

Leadership in Understanding and Addressing Community Health Needs

In an effort to assess the needs of our community and identify areas of opportunity to improve the health, wellness, and safety of our region, Thibodaux Regional recently invested in completion of a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for Lafourche, Terrebonne, St. Mary, St. James, and Assumption Parishes. A population survey of 764 individuals age 18 and older included questions related to individual health status, behaviors, and needs. An online key informant survey was also performed, which included feedback from 51 community stakeholders and individuals with public health knowledge that took part in answering questions related to the degree in which various health issues are perceived as a problem in their own communities.

The results of both surveys were compared with secondary benchmark data and a report that identified 14 major areas of opportunity was produced. The areas of opportunity identified (in alphabetical order) were: Access to Healthcare Services, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke, Infant Health and Family Planning, Injury and Violence, Mental Health, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight, Oral Health, Potentially Disabling Conditions, Respiratory Disease, Septicemia, Sexual Health, Substance Abuse, and Tobacco Use. The results of the Needs Assessment, including an extensive data review, can be viewed in the hospital’s final CHNA Report. To view the prior study click here.

Community Feedback on Prioritization of Health Needs

Prioritization of the health needs identified in the assessment were determined based on an exercise conducted among community stakeholders in conjunction with the administration of the Online Key Informant Survey. In this process, the key informants were asked to rate the severity of a variety of health issues in the community. The top 7 health needs identified (in order of priority) were: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Weight, Heart Disease & Stroke, Diabetes, Tobacco Use and Cancer.

Taking Action: Addressing the needs identified in the CHNA

Results of the CHNA and associated strategies will continue to direct growth and new services offered by Thibodaux Regional Health System in the future. Mentioned below are just a few of the focus areas. A summary of the prioritized needs identified in the CHNA, including actions that Thibodaux Regional is currently taking and future actions planned are outlined in the CHNA strategy document. Click here to access the document.

Leading in Health and Wellness with State-of-the art Wellness Center

At the top of the list of those needs identified were Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Weight. Our vision of wellness includes improving the overall health of an individual—mind, body, and spirit. Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center has allowed many people to achieve success in improving their physical activity and investing in their overall quality of life. The innovative, 242,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, medically-integrated Wellness Center is a first of its kind in the state, and among the best in the nation. The Thibodaux Regional Sports Complex, Phase II of the Wellness Center, which includes tennis courts, track and field, beach volleyball, walking paths, and Sports Performance now provides an even greater avenue to increase physical activity and improve overall quality of life.

Helping Kids Lead Healthier Lives

Thibodaux Regional has taken a leadership role in addressing childhood obesity and strongly believes that if children are provided with education focused on healthy lifestyle choices and an opportunity to increase their physical activity, improvements can be made to their overall health. As part of our ongoing initiative to improve the health and wellness of children in Lafourche and surrounding parishes, Thibodaux Regional sponsored new playground equipment for 11 elementary schools in the Lafourche Parish School District. Hospital staff members and physicians have provided nutrition and fitness instruction in a fun and interactive way to sixth grade students in public and private schools. Students learned how they can make behavior changes to achieve success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Thibodaux Regional sponsored books for second grade students that taught a lesson about unhealthy eating habits that are harmful to their health.

Thibodaux Regional works closely with high schools and partners with Nicholls State University athletics to help student-athletes avoid injuries, assist them in their quest to become top performers, and to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Integrating Wellness into Clinical Care

We have progressed greatly with our vision of integrating wellness into clinical care and created WellFit.

WellFit integrates wellness into clinical care providing a customized 8-week plan to help participants achieve their highest quality of life. The program can be beneficial to those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, orthopaedic conditions, cancer, breathing disorders, after surgery or those seeking a lifestyle change to improve overall health. Some of the immediate results of those who have completed the eight-week program are weight loss and also an increase in their walking distance. While all participants lost some weight, three-fourths of them lost over eight pounds in the eight weeks. Half of all participants increased their walking distance by 40%. This physician-referred program has received great feedback from physicians and patients alike.

Commitment to the Community

Thibodaux Regional is committed to improving the health, wellness and safety of the communities we serve. For example, Thibodaux Regional is a supporting partner of The Haven, providing needed services for victims of domestic violence. Activities to raise awareness and funds have included “Hope for the Haven 5K”, “Brake the Cycle” event, “Home Is Where the Heart Is” Spring Gala, a clothing drive and toy drive. We have also invested in improving the general socio-economic conditions and ultimately the health of those affected by inadequate availability of food, housing, and environmental conditions. Thibodaux Regional supports the local Good Samaritan Food Bank by coordinating food drives and encouraging team members to dedicate their time volunteering at the Food Bank.

High Quality Clinical Care

We currently provide many programs and services that address the needs identified. For example, Thibodaux Regional’s Diabetes Self-Management Services offers comprehensive diabetes services, instruction and support to hundreds of inpatients and outpatients, as well as their families and loved ones. Weekly glucose screenings are offered to members of our community at no charge to help evaluate health risks, which may lead to early detection and treatment resulting in decreased complications. In an effort to transform the care of diabetic outpatients, Thibodaux Regional has developed a Care Transformation team focused on improving patients Hemoglobin A1C levels.

Another need that was identified as a priority is Cancer Care. As you know, cancer impacts the lives of so many people—no family is exempt from the effects of cancer. At Thibodaux Regional, we are working hard to provide the very best facilities, technology, and services possible. “There is no place like home” when a patient and their family members are coping with cancer.

With a projected increase in cancer diagnosis, we once again took a proactive approach and made a clear statement about our strong commitment to provide the very best cancer care possible—right here close to home. Our new, state-of-the art, cancer institute is yet another exciting aspect of our Journey to Excellence, as we focus on improving the health and wellness of the communities that we serve!