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Thibodaux Regional Heart & Vascular Center

Trusted Cardiac HealthCare in South Louisiana

The heart care team at Thibodaux excels in every aspect of cardiac treatment. At Thibodaux Regional Heart and Vascular Center, our team of surgeons, cardiologists, nurses, and technicians works together to provide complete cardiovascular services. These dedicated professionals combine skill, talent, compassion and the latest in technology to bring high-quality heart care to the people of South Louisiana.

About Our Heart & Vascular Center

The Heart & Vascular Center is equipped with two state-of-the-art procedure rooms that offer patients the most advanced form of cardiovascular imaging in the area. We employ the latest heart care and vascular technology which provides the ability to perform both cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures on a single system.

Our technology gives detailed diagnostic information that leads to effective treatments for heart and vascular diseases. This up to date equipment is at the fingertips of our physicians allowing them to perform intricate procedures such as placing balloons, stents and other therapeutic agents in vessels requiring treatment.

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