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Quality Initiatives

Optimizing Health Services at Thibodaux Regional Health System

Healthcare is continuously changing and challenging organizational leaders to develop new skills and embrace new models of strategic thinking. Technology is advancing at a fast-forward pace, competition is blurring the traditional boundaries of where health care has been delivered and access to capital is ever-increasingly difficult. To remain viable in this evolving marketplace, Thibodaux Regional believes continuously improving and managing change is essential.

We challenge ourselves to improve and “go to the next level” of performance. To improve we have to change, and managing change involves establishing a clear vision and shared goals; involving all staff members in problem resolution and program development; and moving quickly for competitive gains. We believe this will propel our organization to excellence.

A Proven Systematic Structures Approach

In an effort to maintain a continuous pursuit of excellence, Thibodaux Regional has adopted four different process improvement methodologies which are focused on improving clinical services, as well as organization-wide quality initiatives. Each methodology brings a unique aspect to problem solving allowing for individualized treatment of each issue.

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