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Imaging Center

Safer, Faster, Better Technology

Fast, accurate diagnosis is the key to treating any medical problem. Thibodaux Regional Imaging Center has taken the lead in bringing the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to Lafourche and the surrounding parishes.

MR with Caring Suite

Thibodaux Regional's Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has the most powerful magnetic force of the MRI machines available today. The MR technology produces clear, high-quality images to help your doctor provide fast, accurate diagnoses in even the most complex cases. The MR units are roomier and quieter and enables fast, comprehensive exams. The Caring Suit provides patients with a choice of Music, lighting, and visuals on the ceiling that can be personalized to creating a more comfortable and relaxing environment which helps with patients who may be claustrophobic.

Safer CT Imaging Technology

Thibodaux Regional has CT technology in our Imaging Center that reduces radiation exposure up to 40% without compromising image quality. This is important for every patient, especially those needing multiple tests and pediatric patients. The 64-slice state-of-the-art CT Scanner is fast and accurate, allowing doctors to diagnose disease and life threatening illnesses, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, chest pain, and stroke faster and more effectively than ever before. Images of a beating heart can be obtained in five heartbeats, an organ in one second, and whole body trauma in ten seconds, more than twice as fast as conventional multi-slice CT scanners.

Battling Breast Cancer with the Most Advanced 3D Mammography Technology

Thibodaux Regional is the first in the region to offer 3D Mammography with Artificial Intellegience (AI). The Senographe Pristina with Profound AI digital mammography system has significantly impacted breast cancer diagnosis and patient care. ProFound AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence breast cancer detection solution, clinically proven to identify malignant masses and calcifications. Through the use of this advanced technology, women are benefiting from increased diagnostic accuracy and precision in the detection of breast cancer. Greater accuracy means fewer false-positive results and a decreased need for unnecessary additional testing and exposure to radiation.

A Combo to Count On - Low-Dose PET/CT

Another advancement in cancer care at the Thibodaux Regional Imaging Center is the GE Discovery 690 PET/CT scanner. The scanner combines the advanced technology of both low-dose positron emission tomography (PET) and 64-slice computed tomography (CT) scans. PET scans are used to capture images of cells that interact with special radioactive material to identify cancerous clusters, while CT scans are special types of X-rays that produce detailed photos of internal structures such as the heart, lungs, brain, blood vessels, and bones. Integrating these forms of imaging allows both tests to be performed simultaneously, saving the patient and physician time. It also produces the two images perfectly fused, which aids physicians who formerly had to look at and compare separate scans. PET/CT is beneficial in staging, re-staging, and treatment planning for cancer patients.

The New Millennium of Nuclear Imaging

The Millennium MG/MC nuclear imaging system is just a part of the comprehensive nuclear imaging techniques provided at Thibodaux Regional. This vast state-of-the-art technology allows physicians to more accurately diagnose conditions from cancers to heart disease to vascular problems. The versatility and speed of our technology provides you with fast scan times to get you on your way to prompt treatment.

Mobile Imaging

Thanks to the digital mobile C-arms and mobile radiographic imaging system at Thibodaux Regional Imaging Center, physicians can obtain high-resolution imaging from virtually any location within the hospital. This advanced unit can be transported from operating rooms to emergency rooms to obtain fast digital images of the finest quality, sparing patients any discomfort associated with moving to other areas of the hospital and saving vital time in the face of medical emergencies.

Further enhancing the state-of-the-art technology available to you at Thibodaux Regional is the picture archive communications system (PACS). The NovaPACS system is a comprehensive link for all the imaging modalities. PACS stores the pictures taken by the imaging modalities as digital files and makes them easily accessible to physicians throughout the hospital as well as their home and office computers through a secure network. PACS technology eliminates the need for images printed on films to be transported to physicians’ offices. It also makes the process of diagnosis and treatment faster and more efficient.

For more information about our imaging technology, please call Thibodaux Regional Imaging Center at (985) 493-4756.