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Sports Complex

Wellness Center Expansion Further Exemplifies Thibodaux Regional's Leadership in Health and Wellness

The state-of-the-art Sports Complex is situated on approximately 12 acres behind the Wellness Center. The expansion features multiple sports and wellness venues that complement services offered at the adjacent Wellness Center.

“The Sports Complex (Phase II) further exemplifies Thibodaux Regional’s leadership and continued commitment to the region,” says Greg Stock, Thibodaux Regional CEO. “The new facilities will enhance our current sports and wellness programs while providing opportunities to work with community partners in utilizing the facilities as well as host outside events and tournaments potentially increasing the economic impact to our area."

Sports and Wellness Venues:

  • Multi-Purpose Field with 8-lane Track
  • Beach Volleyball Courts
  • Tennis Courts with Viewing Stand
  • Basketball Court
  • Recreational Pond

Wellness Education and Sports and Fitness Nutrition:

Upcoming Events

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For membership information call the Fitness Center at 985.493.4950 or click here to join.
For information regarding league or tournament play contact the Sports Medicine Center at 985.493.4502.