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Concussion Technology

Trusted Care from the Sports Medicine Center of Thibodaux Regional

Thibodaux Regional understands the importance of safety in athletics. We offer advanced concussion technology that provides a quicker, objective and more conclusive diagnosis of concussion so that in the event of a head injury, safe return to competition can be determined. On-site testing is available if needed.

To learn more, download the Concussion Management brochure by clicking HERE.

Recovering from a Concussion

Athletes diagnosed with a concussion are advised to follow a careful, gradual path back to playing their sport. At the Sports Medicine Center of Thibodaux Regional, our doctors are ready to help athletes chart this course for recovery so when they get back on the field, they are confident, healthy, and ready to perform.‚Äč

The basic steps of concussion recovery include:

  • No Activity: Initially, athletes should be resting both their mind and body after a concussion. Concussions affect our cognition and rest is essential to long-term recovery without lasting adverse effects.
  • Light Exercise: After some time, light exercise is permitted. Stationary cycling, walking, and swimming are all effective in increasing the patient's heart rate. Resistance training and high-intensity exercise are prohibited.
  • Sport-Specific Training: When the time is right, the patient can return to drills for their specific sport. Any drills that result in head impacts are prohibited.
  • Full Practice: Once the patient receives medical clearance, they can return to full practice and join their teammates in drills. Not only can coaches start to assess the player's returning performance now, but the player can build back confidence on the field, as well.

For more specific information on concussion treatment and our services at the Sports Medicine Center of Thibodaux Regional, contact us today.

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