Preparing for Baby- Four Part Series

This is a four-class series that focuses on all aspects of the birthing process, newborn care and safety, and breastfeeding. Attendance for the entire series is encouraged, however not mandatory. Classes may be attended individually. Classes will be held on the first 4 Thursdays of the month, unless otherwise specified.

Part 1: Discuss the stages of labor, when to go to hospital, and vaginal deliveries.

Part 2: Discusses medical interventions, epidural, Caesarean sections, and care of moms after delivery. Includes tour of the Women's Center.

Part 3: This class covers care of the newborn and newborn safety.

Part 4: This class will cover all aspects of breastfeeding your baby.

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12.3.2020 @ 6:00pm

602 North Acadia Road
Thibodaux, LA 70301
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Price: $75.00

Room: Multipurpose A&B

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