Times May Be Different

But Your Safety and Well-Being

Remains the Same

These are unprecedented times - at home, school and work. But one things remains constant and that is our commmitment to the safety and well-being of patients and staff. While we adhere to strict safety protocols, as we move toward once again fully providing all healthcare services, we have put extra safety precautions in place including:

  • • Screening and termperature checks for everyone who enters hospital campus facilities.
  • • Face masks are required to be worn when entering the facilities and while on-site.
  • • Additional hand sanitizer stations located throughout faclities.
  • • Additional cleaning and sanitizing of public areas.
  • • Current visitor restrictions remain in place.
  • • Continuance of telehealth visits with Thibodaux Regional physician clinics. To schedule a telehealth appointment or for more information, call 985.493.4304.

If you have had to delay your medical care due to COVID-19, we encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider so that something routine doesn't become something serious.

If you need a doctor, please use our directory here.

And when you need us, we are here.