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Thibodaux Regional Cancer Center

Leading-Edge Cancer Care Provided with Care and Compassion

The region's first freestanding cancer center provides a full range of cancer treatments, services, and support.

Thibodaux Regional Cancer Center is the only cancer program in Louisiana to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer for Superior Care four times.

About Our Cancer Center

The Cancer Center employs the latest technology, allowing patients to experience many benefits including earlier and more precise diagnosis, detection of small tumors, avoidance of invasive procedures, fewer side effects and better chances for a positive outcome.

Our treatments and therapies include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy and hormonal therapy. Each of these treatment options may be implemented on their own or as a combination of one or more to provide the best possible treatment to every cancer patient.

Thibodaux Regional takes its role as a leader in cancer care seriously. We have more oncology doctors to fight more types of cancer for the very best outcomes. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, our oncologists collaborate with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists to ensure every patient receives the best treatment possible. Offering such a wide variety of cancer care specialists in one location provides tremendous patient benefits. Physicians can plan care together and discuss cases as a team. Patients have the advantage of a coordinated effort, ensuring they have comprehensive treatment plans designed specifically for them.

The exceptional Cancer Center team is able to touch the lives of our patients for the better. Dedication to providing advanced technology, high standards of care, top treatment processes, and individualized regimens leads to excellent clinical outcomes for our patients. For more information call (985) 493-4008.

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