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Thibodaux Regional RISE Volleyball Club


Thibodaux Regional RISE is dedicated to helping young female athletes age 3 - 17 receive advanced training to grow and excel in personal strength and fitness to compete in local, regional, and national volleyball competitions.

Coaches work with each player equally and seek to help them succeed through our core principles of combining strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, and injury prevention, while utilizing award winning volleyball principles and techniques.


Thibodaux Regional RISE Volleyball Club is dedicated to the pursuit of personal growth and development by providing advanced technical training and tactical instruction in a positive, competitive learning environment.


Respect - We promote ethical behavior, fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for the game of volleyball.

Integrity- We act in a fair, consistent, and transparent manner.

Strength- We strive for physical, emotional, and mental toughness as well as the courage to fortify strength of one’s own character and team.

Excellence- We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

Team Structure

RISE Rookies - Ages 6 - 8 years

RISE Juniors - Ages 9 - 10 years

Volleyball Club

  • 10U; 11U; 12U; 13U; 14U; 15U; 16U; 17U and 18U

Tryouts, Registration and Club Fees

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2023-2024 Coaches

RISE Rookies- Coach Sandy Fussell

RISE Juniors - Coach Sandy Fussell

Volleyball Club

  • 10U - Coach Tori Stock
  • 11U - Coach Callie Becnel
  • 12U - Coach Matthew Beyer
  • 12U - Coach Hanah Hawkes
  • 13U - Coach Sandy Fussell
  • 13U - Coach Myra Berthiaume
  • 14U - Coach Sandy Fussell
  • 15U - Coach Anna Claire Jones
  • 16U - Coach Jaden Sanders
  • 17U - Coach Kui Fletcher
  • !7/18U - Coach Kui Fletcher
  • Assistant Coaches - Kennedy Breaux, Morgan Hebert, Tre'Nae Taylor, Rae Leano, Addy Arcement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is club volleyball?

  • Club volleyball refers to USA Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball, which is a national competitive volleyball network designed to provide training and playing opportunities for young pre-college athletes.
  • Volleyball clubs compete under the same rules laid out by the USA Volleyball.
  • Players are also placed based on their skill levels within each age group although some more experienced players may be allowed to play in an older age division.
  • Club volleyball is an excellent way to improve a player's skill level and give them an opportunity to play competitively

When is the volleyball season?

Club season usually begins in early October with team tryouts and typically lasts until late April. If a team qualifies for a National Championship tournament, these take place in either late June or early July. The bulk of the tournament season runs January through April. Most older teams will either qualify for Junior National Championships or attend another end-of-season tournament such as Nationals or AAU Nationals and their season will end in late June/early July. Volley Tots will not have a tournament schedule. However, we may be arranging some local scrimmages with neighboring clubs for our Tots.

What are the teams’ structure?

Thibodaux Regional RISE Volleyball Club has 7 teams delineated by age (11U - 17U) and the Volley Tots ages 3-8 years.

When and where do the teams practice?

Teams will practice two to three times per week depending on age group and depending on tournament and travel schedules. Volley Tots to 13U athletes will participate in strength and agility training once a week for 30 minutes. 14U to 18U athletes will participate in strength and agility training, sports nutrition and injury prevention education once a week for 45 minutes in addition to their regular practice schedule. Practices and sports performance will take place at Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center Gymnasium.

Why join Thibodaux Regional RISE Volleyball?

Thibodaux Regional is committed to providing the best possible club volleyball experience for our athletes and families.

  • Individual attention to your athlete. RISE strives to ensure that athletes are constantly improving as athletes and as individuals.
  • Amazing coaches – Many of the best volleyball minds choose to coach at the club level because of the opportunity to reach more players for a longer period of time.
  • Athletic conditioning - Our strength and conditioning program is specifically designed to help our athletes reach their highest potential
  • Sports Nutrition Counseling
  • Injury prevention protocols

For more information call (985) 493-4507 or email Club Director Coach Kui Fletcher at kui.fletcher@thibodaux.com or Coach Sandy Fussell at sandy.fussell@thibodaux.com. You can also visit www.thibodauxregionalrisevolleyball.com.