Closer Look at the Wellness Center Imaging Center

As Thibodaux Regional’s new Wellness Center gets closer to opening its doors, the buzz around its state-of-the-art Imaging Center is growing louder.

The Imaging Center will feature some of the latest technology available, which equates to faster and safer results for patients without sacrificing quality.

“Accurate scans and tests are a crucial part of staying healthy,” Thibodaux Regional Health System CEO Greg Stock said. “Imaging technology has improved dramatically lately. They’re very sophisticated now. We say ‘Better, quicker, safer.’ Better means enhanced quality for more accurate diagnosis. These machines are also safer because there is less radiation. The experience will be a very good one for people.”

The Computed Tomography (CT) technology inside the Imaging Center actually reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation up to 40%, but thanks to the science behind this technology, the quality of the image is not compromised. The technology also does its work quickly, more than twice as fast as conventional scanners.

Female patients in need of scans such as mammograms will also be treated to a level of privacy that is unrivaled in this region.

“We designed the Imaging Center to provide a separate entrance and waiting area for women,” Stock said. “All of the things done there begin with a commitment to protect the patient’s privacy, respect their wishes and bolster to their comfort level.”

Women can also take comfort in the fact the Imaging Center is equipped with the latest and most powerful technology available to detect and fight breast cancer. The Senographe 2000D Digital Mammography System will detect suspicious lesions in the breast area, and the Computer Aided Detection feature (CAD) will act as a second pair of eyes for the radiologist, identifying even the tiniest abnormality.

The MRI Caring Suite is also a keynote feature inside the new Imaging Center. This facility combines a serene atmosphere with the peace of mind that patients are receiving the best care available.

“When you have an MRI, traditionally there’s a ping-ing sound that goes along with the test as the scan is run,” Stock said. “That sound has been deafened significantly. The area that a patient lies in is now much larger to make it a more comfortable experience and the environment itself is first class. Patients can choose what music they’d like to listen to or what they’d like to view while they’re inside the MRI. The aesthetics of the room are more like what you’ll find in a calming spa instead of a cold, hospital-like feel that can build anxiety.”

Thibodaux Regional is investing in two leading-edge MRIs for the new Imaging Center.

“We are a hospital that has performed at the very top for a long time in terms of patient experience,” Stock said. “We try hard to listen to what our patients are saying to us. We try to view the world through their eyes, and then make changes for them.”

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