Archie's Message

Happy Carnival season! February always equates to Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl for me, and all the festivities that we enjoy with family and friends. February is also American Heart Month, which to me is perfect timing. Heartdisease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. What better time to start thinking about taking better care of our hearts than this month, when we are reminded of how much we have to live for as we revel in one of the best times of year in South Louisiana with our loved ones.

My wife Olivia’s mother suffered a heart attack at middle age. We are very conscious of that in the Manning household. Diet, exercise and getting proper rest are all priorities for us. As Olivia and I get older, we know we need to make time for screenings and checkups. Thankfully for me, I’m accustomed to getting a yearly physical because it was standard operating procedure throughout my entire football career. However, it’s just as important now for me, at age 67, because I have a lot of life left to enjoy. It’s important for everybody and checking heart health is a great place to start.

One of the many things that impresses me about Thibodaux Regional Medical Center is how easily and quickly their advanced technology allows people to monitor their heart health. Thibodaux Regional’s Heart and Vascular Center gives detailed diagnostic information that helps you catch and treat a variety of heart issues. The Center offers patients the best cardiovascular imaging in the area, and gives doctors the ability to perform both cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures on a single system.

This year’s Super Bowl featured two of the most skilled quarterbacks in the NFL: the accuracy and skill Tom Brady and Matt Ryan display when throwing a football is impressive! That level of proficiency gives their teammates great confidence when they take the field. Similarly, Thibodaux Regional’s doctors and staff also have the hands-on experience and next-level capabilities to give you the highest level of comfort, should you need a balloon angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, heart surgery, or other specialized procedures. Thibodaux Regional’s Heart and Vascular Center is a winner because it combines advanced technology with some of the most skilled professionals in the heart business. That gives you the inside edge in the fight against heart disease.

It’s no secret that I dealt with a few injuries during my playing career. Part of the reason I could play professionally for 15 seasons is that I placed a priority on rehabbing my injuries and taking care of my body. I still workout 6 days a week now. Just like healing up from a football injury, recovering from a heart attack or other cardiac problem takes a complete game plan. Thibodaux Regional’s cardiac rehabilitation specialists design an individual rehab strategy to make sure that you make the best recovery possible.

All of us in the Manning household wish you and yours a wonderful Mardi Gras! And I personally hope that this month you’ll use the resources available at Thibodaux Regional Health System to check up on your heart health.

Archie Manning