Thibodaux Regional Health System Continues to Adopt Innovative Treatment Options for COVID-19

Thibodaux Regional Health System continues to adopt leading edge COVID-19 treatment options, and is actively participating in innovative clinical research and treatment advancements with Mayo Clinic and GE.

Thibodaux Regional is the first hospital in the region to begin using blood plasma therapy as a treatment for COVID-19. This treatment is being performed as part of a clinical trial with Mayo Clinic.

Plasma donated by someone who has recovered from COVID-19 may be helpful in treating a person hospitalized with a severe or life-threatening case. Plasma contains antibodies that can immediately affect a person’s immunity, and potentially lessen the severity or shorten the length of the infection.

Plasma donated from one individual can be used to treat up to four patients. Individuals who have had COVID-19 and have recovered can call 985.435.4813 for information on how to become a donor.

In addition, Thibodaux Regional has entered into an agreement with GE Healthcare to participate in a study that will utilize data analytics to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) that would assist in future screening, detection, triage and monitoring of COVID-19 cases. GE will use de-identified data from Cat (CT) Scan and X-ray imaging from COVID-19 and pneumonia patients to create an algorithm that would aid in developing the AI Imaging models.

“Thibodaux Regional is proud to partner with world-renowned organizations such as Mayo Clinic and GE to provide leading edge treatment options for Covid-19 patients,” said Greg Stock, CEO Thibodaux Regional. “These new advancements in clinical care appear promising. We remain committed to bringing progressive treatment options to our region.”

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