Suicide Prevention Month-Let's Talk About Life!

By Lisa Matherne, LCSW-BACS

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a time to shine a light on an important topic that affects many people. During this month, we focus on spreading awareness about suicide, supporting mental health, and being there for anyone who might be going through a tough time.

Why September? In September 2003, Congress established Suicide Prevention Month to encourage people to discuss mental health and suicide, and also to tackle to stigma that often surrounds these uncomfortable subjects. The goal is to create a world where it is okay to talk about your feelings and ask for help when you need it. It is an opportunity to talk about mental health struggles without feeling judged—to have open and honest conversations so that no one has to face difficulties alone.

The existing Louisiana Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-8255) remains available, but last year “988” was put into effect as an easier to remember 3-digit code to assist people in getting help. You can call, text, or chat with trained counselors 24/7.

Thibodaux Regional encourages you to prioritize your mental wellbeing along with your physical health. This month is a reminder that we can all make a difference by talking openly, being supportive, and spreading the word about resources.